Friday, February 5, 2010

God Hugged Me.

Oh well.. ^^
There’s always a rainbow after the rain, indeed. I triumphed. I won against everything that blocks off my way.


And I’ve calmed down.
Now I can do what Sungmin’s doing. Haha!
Super Junior has once again saved the day for me. These past few days, I was really worried for the production I’m handling. I was close to breaking down, I almost give up. Nothing was going right, then. I couldn’t see any progress.
Oh, I’ve told you about it and I don’t want to whine again. I’ve had enough. Besides, God has already hugged me. And He had given me the greatest present an E.L.F. could ever ask for.


Those were the words that made my heart jump and made me go back to myself at once. Those four words compose the magical statement which had proven me thatGod has me in His tight embrace.
I can’t properly put into words how I’m feeling now. I’m just so happy and thankful and excited and worried and everything. It’s mixed emotions in me.
Finally, I’m safe. ^^
And my body couldn’t just contain all the happiness, like him:

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