Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Won’t Cry.

I am soooo like Eunhyuk when it comes to being a crybaby. Simple things gets me so emotional – whether it’s good or bad, just as long as it captured my heart, I’m so ready to cry.
But this time, I guess I’m ready to leave it all to our Eunhyukkie. I don’t wanna be a crybaby anymore.
I’ve decided to let go of one special person – someone I’ve thought will always be there. I’ve decided to free myself from all the self-inflicted heartaches. There’s no point in continuing anyway. It’s all clear to me now. There can never be us, and everything has just been pure imaginations.
We’re not just meant to be. Amidst compatibility and many similarities, we are not meant to be together. I don’t know God’s reasons for not letting us be, but I won’t ask.
Because I believe that it’s God’s will that we part ways. God has always been telling me to give up, but I was too stubborn. He has been telling me that something’s wrong but I didn’t believe. So I get hurt. No one to blame but myself.
Of course, it’s painful. I’m terribly hurting, but I won’t cry. I won’t waste my tears over petty things as this. I’m way too special in my Lord’s Eyes to act like a little child who was deprived of a teddy bear.
Life’s a trial-and-error process. I got disappointed because I thought that Louieis for me, when in fact, he’s not. God decides. I’m just bound to accept His decisions. After all, He wouldn’t give me something final which I wouldn’t enjoy. He has His own time.
So I won’t cry. Because though I’m hurting, I believe, that God is just busy writing the best love story for me. ^^

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