Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday My Chinese Prince!


I’m guilty. I was too busy the whole day that your birthday slipped out of my mind.
But God wouldn’t let me forget. ^^
So to my Chinese prince, here is my birthday message for you:
I know you’ve been and you’re going through a lot of hardships these days. The issue randomly pops into my head and more than it pains me, I know it hurts you.
Geng-oppa, you need not to do things you don’t like doing. I, as your fan, will always understand why you’ve come up with such decision. Yes, it caught me off guard, it gave me tears and fears, but I would always settle for what is best for you. Though it means I wouldn’t get to see you for a long time, I would gladly endure the pain. Because I would rather deny myself the joy of having you with me than push you to the limit of everything.
Geng-oppa, just do remember that I love you. We all do. And no matter how long it takes for you to come back to us, we will always wait.
And in Super Junior, we will always 13elieve. ^^
Happy Birthday!

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