Sunday, February 7, 2010


I never really thought that I would be using this picture for this kind of article.
If you don’t want to get ‘annoyed’ just because I’m defending Heenim, then I warn you,
don’t dare continue reading.
Tired due to whole-day rehearsals of my event, I went home only to get so inspired to write a very serious blog entry tonight.
Mind you, guys. I am supposed to finish the Chapter 5 of my thesis which is due tomorrow night and there are looooots of other things to prioritize.
One comment convinced me to really write in defense of Heenim. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Everyone, I appreciate each and every comments you post in my blog. You know how much I love you, my dear readers. However, this is still MINE. And I set the rulesI set the limit. I am not being stupid here. Every words you read here are well-thought of. No matter how random the total is, the fact still remains that I put my heart and soul into everything posted in here.
And I’ve encountered a lot of negative comments about Super Junior. Especially about Heechul’s being gay. I always tolerate. But this time, MY PATIENCE IS TESTED.
Because it’s not just Heenim that is being questioned. ELFs and Petals are somehow being condemned for a reason which is obviously our duty to do.
To you,
I wholeheartedly appreciate your comment. You’ve been so brave to post your negative idea about Heenim and about us. As a Communication Arts student, I soooooo believe in the importance of freedom of expression.
And so you have to appreciate this one too:
It’s not that I don’t like you posting negative comments here. As I’ve said, everybody could post anything here, because we can talk about anything about the boys. But there are and there will always be exceptions.
If you do believe that Heechul is gay, then so be it. I won’t question you. The entry I’ve posted was meant to convince people that he’s not. But still, you have the option to agree or disagree.
You know what, dearie?
We have chosen to believe in Heechul and defend him in a way we can. And it is not our fault that it annoys you. ^^
Like what a friend have said, Heechul’s an alien. You will never ever understand him. LOL.
Sorry for getting into my nerves. I just don’t like the term you used.
I’ve set rules, my dear. And since you’re in MY HAVENyou are supposed to observe it. ^^
And there is just a sole rule here:


Here are more pictures. Feast over it. ^^
Just be reminded, insecurity kills. :)
O ayan ha, may bonus ka pa. ^^

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