Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lots of Love from the E.P. ^^

It was never easy. Believe me.
This entry is not for whining or ranting about the hardships I went through when I was organizing Mr. and Ms. UE Caloocan 2010. I’ve had enough of everything that concerns pre-production and the production, itself.
It’s time for the post-production. And this is how I do it.
I have never been able to thank the people who were with me for the past four months personally. Some of them, I was able to hug right after the event but I wasn’t myself then. I was still too pre-occupied by some legal problems concerning a sponsor who… never mind.
At least, it’s finished.
And I did it.
Everyone, I know you missed me here. ^^ But it is nothing compared to how much I’ve missed ALL of you. It took me a week before I finally get to get back to myself and write.
Guys, right now, I feel so like Leeteuk in the picture. I don’t want to take credit but it must be known that half of the effort for my event’s success came from me. I’m not bragging. It’s my job.
And my point is, I do enjoy the fact that I’ve worked with people, that I’ve influenced them, that I’ve been able to mold individuals to someone they want to be.
That feeling is priceless. I feel so like a leader.
You know what, guys? The real success of a production doesn’t come from positive feedbacks from people who saw the product. It comes from the fact that along the way, you see improvements on yourself and on people you’re handling.
I’m sure that this overwhelming feeling is what Leeteuk always feel when seeing his dongsaengs.
I’m sorry for the randomness. This is me, anyway. ^^

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