Friday, February 5, 2010

Who’s Coming to Seoul with Me?

Now I seriously want to go to Seoul.

Since high school, which was like 6 or 7 years ago, I’ve always been telling myself that though my whole family would insist me to go to Australia, I won’t. Instead, Seoul would be my destination. It is my favorite city. And if I will be asked to choose whether it’s London or Seoul, it’s gonna be S-E-O-U-L for me. ^^
A lot may think that it’s because of my addiction with Super Juniorbut they’re not the sole reason why I do.
I want to go to Seoul because it seems so like the Philippines there. Minus the pollution and dirt. ^^ (Filipinos must admit this. Take this constructively, everyone. I’m got no intentions of putting our dear country to shame. ^^)
Really. Most of the Korean culture has this similarity to my own. And though it may sound so insisting, that’s how I see it. And so, going to Seoul wouldn’t give me so much of a culture shock. I know that if I go there, I’ll easily be at home with the city.
And one more thing, I really want to study there. And of course, I’d prefer Kyunghee University since it would be very impossible for me to get to Seoul University. ^^ And this time, I have to admit, my interest on Kyunghee started when I saw Attack on the Pin-up Boys. ^^
You see, I am a communication student. Thus, production is my forte. And Korea’s a prime to it. Needless to say, the posters above will prove it to you.
The design, the concept… Everything’s obviously well thought of. I love it how they came up with such kind of idea. It’s an OMG for me.
Okay, I’m going astray again (“-_-) when all I want to say is that I love the posters, I love how the boys together with some SNSD girls looked like movie stars, and I love how these posters would suit dramas so well. :)
Aisssh. If only I could write a storyline using these photos, I will. ^^

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