Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Lifeline… My Life.


It’s Valentine’s Day but I honestly didn’t feel it. I came from a whole day rehearsals. I woke up at 7 AM so I may go to our school early (though I came there 30 minutes late due to sponsors and my malfunctioning printer >.<) I had to meet two other major sponsors. Then the rehearsals pushed my voice to its limit.
Basically, I spent the whole day traveling, walking, running, shouting, crying and getting tensed – all under the scorching heat. And now, it resulted to a failing health – sore throat, severe backache, headache, low-blood pressure, blurring eye vision, failing heart, mild ulcer.
I almost feel like dying, as everyone in my staff feels like crying.
But when I saw the pictures of my Angel on sj-market, everything just went…uhm…RIGHT.
My lifeline… My life. That’s what the leader is. His smile gives me hope. It braves all the pain in me and make them all go away. He is my constant reminder that there is and there will always be something good for me; that no matter how hurtful everything could be, I will always find a reason to breathe and to live.
It’s Valentine’s Day. And just when I thought this day would pass ordinarily, I was given the most romantic gift. I was given the determination to go on and finish what I started.
Teukkie’s challenges are worse than mine, but he still can manage to be happy. So I have to, too. As long as he’s there, as long as he’s with me, I know I can.
And he will always be my love…


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