Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stare at the Sky.

Some things don’t last. The more you believe that everything’s gonna be fine, the harder it is to accept that fate presents the opposite.
And you’ve got nothing left to do but stare at the sky, figure out what happen for yourself, stop the tears from falling and pray to God that everything turns out right in no time.
Because the pain is just too unbearable. Because the pain’s too much to handle.
I have said how I feel. I’m currently inside an illusion I can’t escape. I’ve risked myself in this thing called LOVE. And now I’m hurting, again.
Things aren’t working. God has been telling me to let go for the past two years but I don’t know if there’s a reason for this or I’m just too stupid not to recognize that it is God indeed who’s talking to me. Am I too occupied with the thought that I am in love?
As I felt so like an angel a few days ago, I feel so deprived today. The admitting part has gone by easily. I did it without sweat. But words are just too playful. They were meant to just fool me. I was fooled by my emotions. And so I am hurting.
The whole day, I spent it trying to figure out what’s wrong. As I write this article, the answer came to me. I can never insist something that isn’t destined to be mine. Yeah, after all, destiny exists. It is real. It is happening.
And I can’t accept it.
I wish it’s morning now. So I may see the sky, so the sun may shine on me. I cannot be more than anything else I’ve been now. I’m so locked up with who I was when I was still in his embrace. Too mushy as it is, I won’t say lies.
I am asking God for constant guidance. I’m nobody without Him. He is my guide on what I should do to make things flow smoothly and clearly. And to this questions I have in my heart and my mind, find the answers from the sky.
Who knows? It might come down falling.

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