Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Love You, In Ways You Never Think Of.


Let me tell you two trivia:
First, I am a pessimist. Paranoia is my constant companion and it’s not leaving me. When I started The Angels’ Haven, I thought nobody would read whatever I’ll write. You see, I’m a writer yet I don’t believe people will appreciate my works. Randomness is my game and I know that instead of clearing things up, my words would just confuse people.
Yet, I want to be heard. This is the second trivia. I have the passion for writing, but I have the greater obsession to expressing my opinions. Yes, it might be a little selfish and self-centered but I became a writer because I want to change lives.
And through this blog, I am confident to say that I’ve practiced both.
Okay. I’m not bragging, or anything. Uh, I am merely finding the right and best words to express the overwhelming gratitude that I’m feeling right now.
Just today, I came across a cute, Japanese blog. I saw my name on several articles and I was so surprised to realize that she’s been telling the world that I have changed some of her beliefs, when it comes to Super Junior.
Ugggggh. Am I saying things right?
Xingible, it is a great pleasure to know that my articles change lives of so many people. I must admit, and with all humility, you are not the first person to have said those things. But just the same, I am more than thankful to God for giving me the chance to meet people like you.
You wrote in one your entries that I am the first person you fell in love with, without knowing me first. That moved me. Through those words, I was reminded that no matter what I do, and no matter how foolish and random I am, there are and there will always be people who will appreciate me.
And I don’t need to know them, personally.
Maybe that’s the lesson God has been wanting to teach me all along – that in this life, people have to trust on the unseen. Everything’s connected. There will always be this one, thin rope that binds our hearts together.
Also, I want to take this opportunity to take my other readers, who later become my friends… SarahRegeneDanicaMay, Pia, Clyde, Khenn, Irin, Monica, fracorshe, uhrella, immortalsoul123, and all other readers who constantly drop by this site to read and appreciate.
I may not be able to thank you all personally but I’m sure one day, we’ll meet. ^^
I love you, in ways you never think of.

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