Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sometimes, One Will Drift Back.

You have been waiting for me to come back, ahh~~~ Sometimes one will drift back…I love you all!!! Take good care of yourselves!!
I got this from tumblr. And I died. Thanks to fuckyeahhangeng for translating.
This morning, I woke up with a heavy heart. I felt so alone and I felt like nobody’s left. But when I saw Geng’s most recent pictures from that Sohu interview, when I saw him brightly smiling, I realized that I have been so problematic and so exaggerated about all these love problems.
Geng is going through something worse, yet he’s continuing to smile. Yet he’s being so happy. Because he knows that there are people who love him so much, and are waiting for him to come back.
The same thing goes with me. I have been lost and I know that there are people who are waiting for me to get back to myself so I can give them the joy I used to give when I was still okay.
“Sometimes, one will drift back…”
I think so too. And Geng, I won’t get tired. I’ll be waiting since that one person who will drift back becomes you.
And to those who love me and are waiting until I become okay, one will be drifting back soon. Just give me time. I’m gonna be okay, too. And then I’ll flash you the greatest smiles…
Like Geng’s.

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