Friday, March 19, 2010

If You Feel Like You’ve Been Deserted…

People come and go. It’s just a matter of time before we learn and realize that we’ve been left, abandoned, deserted, fucked up… Then we get annoyed, angry, stressed, depressed.
Honestly, I don’t see the essence of it all anymore. Yes, I have seen it and it was a long time since I did.
You get what I mean?  Easy. Let me explain it all.
Nothing is constant. Everything changes. One moment, it’s there. The next thing you know, it has left you forever. It is stupid, I know. It is excruciating - especially when the person who leaves is a person whom you have entrusted your whole life to. The feeling sucks. It feels like heaven and hell collided and you’re stuck in between. You don’t know whether you’re burning or you’re freezing. Everything becomes ironic.
But everything is just in the state of mind. You made yourself believe that that person is your world, and when he’s gone, you go mad, believing that the world has forgotten you, that the world has abandoned you.
I don’t see the connection anymore. One person = one world? It’s never gonna be like that. It was never like that.
Everyone, here’s the key: What you believe is what happens. You believe that you are happy, then you will be. You believe that you’re not okay, then you wouldn’t be okay. It’s just a matter of how you control yourself, of how you manage your life and how dedicated you are to being the happy and strong person that you are.
I know it’s easier said than done but why can I do it? Well, I’m not coming clean nor am I comparing you to me. I know not what your problems are, but hey! They’re all JUST problems.
Again, people come and go. You just can’t force them to stay with you forever because everything changes. People has to move in order to adapt to these changes, and nobody should expect anybody to just be the same.
We all have the freedom to choose what we wanna do, to choose the path which we would like to take. We have chosen to dedicate our lives to certain people, in belief that they’re gonna do the same for us. But we have no power over their decisions. If their choice is to live life without us, included on it, we can’t do anything. It is their choice. It is their freedom.
Life has a give-and-take process. But there’s not only two people in this whole wide world. It’s survival in here. It’s competition. You can’t expect something to be liked by one person alone. And it’s inevitable to make choices.
I know it’s kinda hard to understand this but I’m hoping you’re getting my point. Every rule in this world is applicable to everyone; not just to you.

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