Friday, March 5, 2010

Don’t Make it Happen Again.


MIt breaks my heart. AhuhuhuMy evil prince, fighting for his life. Pictures had said it all. And I don’t wanna hear whatever they’re gonna say in the future, anymore.
I have read an interesting article about the accident. And I know it’s stupid to talk about this after 3 long years. But I can’t help but create a connection.
You see, after Hangeng filed the case, Kyuhyun got to step into the limelight. No offense meant, everyone. I’m enjoying every bit of it though I miss Geng a lot. But haven’t you noticed? When the Chinese Prince left, the evil magnae started to take over.
And now, I can’t help but relate that to the article I’ve read. It says there that it is not the ruptured tire or the fast driving or the wet road that are to be blamed of what happened. It is the too much promotions and too tight schedule of the boys.
Come to think of it. The manager is much tired than the boys, and we know that. With the tightest schedule ever, it is not his fault that he had to speed up so that they may get to another commitment on time. Right?
Oh, these are all the writer’s opinions. I’m just sharing it here.
But my point is this: They’re starting to REALLY tire the boys again, and the managers as well. Uh, not that it stopped but I mean it’s something more serious now.
Kyuhyun’s a babyLeeteuk’s too vulnerableThe boys between their ages are just humans. The managers, oh, they don’t have super powers. Would the company be generous enough to somehow set aside their financial gains and prioritize the health of its employees and stars?
Nothing much. Just being so critical. :|

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