Friday, March 5, 2010

Cyworld: Kim Heechul 2010.03.01

2010.03.01 17:14
Title : Hairstyle
Seeing my very long hair
These days Yoonah held a scissors and said she will give me a self-cut hair
Seeing my very long hair
These days Sic1 said at this rate I will become a girl
Seeing my very long hair
These days Sonkyu2 asked whether I will grow my hair as long as my height
Seeing my very long hair
These days Donghae said I look like a beggar and yell at me to cut it
Seeing my very long hair
These days Jungmo said hyung is a really free person and told me to cut (my hair)
Seeing my very long hair
These days Soojung3 was about to cry and told me even if I cut my hair a bit I still look cool
Seeing my very long hair
These days Sulli only laughed hehehehe
Seeing my very long hair
These days the people from the company were like Heechul-ah your hair is a little too…saying those words to me
Seeing my very long hair
These days Petals are comforting each other that at least I dont grow beard
Nine people out of ten oppose my beggar hairstyle
But with my personality as long as I’m the only one who like it I will continue growing it

Because I’m Kim HeeChul
1 SNSD’s Jessica |   2 SNSD’s Sunny |  3 f(x)’s Krystal
source : 김희철 cyworld
translated by
thanks Samara for the shout out

Now you know why I call him ‘legendary’ and why I look up to him as the most intelligent, most genius and the bravest Super Junior member.
Before you put your violent reactions on my comment box, try to read his entry again. Feel him. Enjoy his words. And you’re gonna realize that he is one person who would definitely do whatever he wants in order to satisfy himself. Regardless of what he’ll look like, regardless of what others would think of him.
And that, I guess, is the bravest thing a super idol could do.
And that, I believe, is a reason – more than enough – to make anybody fall in love with him.
Aisssh. When will I ever get to be like him when it comes to thinking?

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