Friday, November 13, 2009

Hyaku... The Newest Member of Super Junior

source: Sungmin’s Cyworld
reup/trans by: evanesco @

You might be wondering who this cat is. Haha. Yeah, that was also my question when I first saw these pictures on And if you paid attention to the credits I’ve included (just above ^_^), you’ll know the answer.
Yeah, this is Sungmin’s baby boy. His name is Hyaku. A little rascal whose 100 days old (Hyaku means 100 days in Japanese). I don’t know from where this cat is, but I’m certain that we’ve found a newest member of the Super Junior member family.
As I stare at Hyaku’s pictures, I cannot help but envy him. haha. Well, this isn’t the first time that I wished I’m a cat though (*cough*Heebum*cough*).
Then I realized, when was it since I last had a cat for a pet… Hmm… 16 years? Yeah. I was four when I realized that cats give me skin allergy. Grrr. And that’s when my adoration for dogs started. haha. (yeah, random, sorry.)
I know this is going nowhere. I was just too excited to share these pictures to you. And finally, Heebum’s got a partner. I wonder will Hyaku be like the ‘royal cat’? Haha. If he will be, it would surely be fun. ^_^
And yeah… I wish I could be part of their family too. *sigh*

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