Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Said Heechul is Skinny!?

Credits: NYLON Official Site
Reupload: nanakii @ SJ-WORLD.NET

I was caught by surprise with these. I can’t help but see myself drooling over the sexy Kim Heechul in front of me.
I first saw these on but I felt insulted with their introduction. They called our Heenim ‘skinny’ and used a dog wanting to bite the screen for an introduction. It’s as good as saying that Heechul’s a bone.
It doesn’t make a good introduction to me. It was insulting.
But I’ve got nothing against I was against whoever wrote that. I don’t know who s/he is (uhm… Is the pronoun ‘it’ more appropriate?). I didn’t get it why he would use such an offensive introduction. To attract readers? To be controversial? Well, I hope he or she will get what s/he wants. I just can’t assure him/her that s/he won’t regret it.
On the lighter side, I can’t think clear. Maybe it will be safe to compare myself with the dog wanting to take a bite off Heechul. But I didn’t see him as a bone. I see him as one of the sexiest guys alive.
The truth is I don’t care if he’s ‘skinny’. I don’t care if his ribs are visible. It doesn’t matter. A guy with a face as beautiful as this and with a talent as great as his, who would ever concern themselves with a man’s built? Come on. Admit it or not, I know you’re drooling over this sexy individual.
To me, being sexy is not defined by muscles covering the ribs and well-defined abs. Because to me, being sexy is never physical. It is how a person carries himself in front of the whole world. It is how a person appears dignified and beautiful amidst everything that stands on his way.
And with that kind of definition, I declare Kim Heechul as one of the Sexiest Guy on Earth. ^____^

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