Friday, November 6, 2009

I Lay My Love for Super Junior

credits: JustDifferentMe @ youtube

Seems like I can never sleep well unless this day ends… And I feel like there’ll be an argumentation to happen between me and my mom, and between me and my brother. I cannot leave the computer… Not with videos as great as this to watch.
I’ve seen so many fanvideos dedicated to Super Junior but I have to say that this is one of those remarkable projects posted on the internet. The editor really did a great job on this. Being a media practitioner that I am, I must admit that I envy the editor for a job well done.
Okay, okay… So why did I post this video here? Uhm… Why not? It’s their fourth anniversary and it’s just right to put videos as this for all the ELFs to watch.
I didn’t get teary eyed with this however my love for Super Junior got deeper. It speaks for how I feel. Yeah, I will lay my love on Super Junior. And I will lay my life on the line for these people.
I can’t get enough. I’ll be posting more updates later. ^_^

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