Friday, November 20, 2009

I'll Fight for You, Park Jungsu.

I have crossed paths with lots of Super Junior’s anti fans already. Due to my fangirling, many would think I’m stupid enough to really idolize and love the boys… Especially the leader, Leeteuk. Many think that this admiration is temporary. Sometimes, people even end up telling me that there’s nothing to idolize about these ‘gays’.
And on times people tell me that, I get hurt.
Yes, writing articles like this and confessing my love to the leader (though he really doesn’t know me) is quite exaggerated for a fan. My words weigh too much that it becomes annoying to some people.
But must I stop? No.
I am a fan. I am an ELF. But most of all, I am a person. I am someone who has the choice to believe on people she feels are worthy enough to believed in. And I have chosen to put my faith on these people, especially on the leader.
And I remember, just a few minutes ago, I posted a note on Facebook saying that there’s something greater than love – BELIEF. Because you can never love someone if you don’t believe in them. And you can never love someone if you don’t believe you can.
And I believe on these people. That is why I love them.
Confusing as it may seem, I have made another promise to myself: I WILL FIGHT FOR PARK JUNG SOO. I WILL FIGHT FOR SUPER JUNIOR. From all the pain and heartaches that I could possibly block, I would defend them.
Because they stood for me too.
People may not understand. People may think this is too much. But I wouldn’t waste my time trying to explain things to others and trying to fit in with their impression and expectations of me. I would rather spend those moments writing articles for Super Junior and praying to God that only good things come to them.
They may not know yet, but someday, I know they will.

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