Saturday, November 14, 2009

CYWORLD: Sungmin 2009.11.14

2009.11.14 22:50
Title : A strange world…
The first time he came to a place called living room…
He was scared a lot….euha…
so he snuck into a corner…
quickly caught (something) and came back to his house…
(His) first adventure had ended like that..ㅎㅎ
Source: Sungmin’s Cyworld
trans by and shared by: evanesco & ★_Excentrique @

I really can’t get enough of Hyaku. If Sungmin’s gonna provide us with several updates a day about this very cute cat, I’m gonna think of turning this blog into an update site too. haha!
Come on, don’t ask me what made me so attached to this cat. I really don’t know either. All I know was that I saw his pictures on Sungmin’s cyworld, find a translation on for each entry and upload it here on my blog.
I have said a lot on the two most recent entries I’ve written about Hyaku and Sungmin being an appa. So now, just enjoy the picture. Let’s all be captivated by Hyaku’s cuteness.
Just one thought. This made me happy.
It’s such a good thing that after all the hard work Sungmin had been through for Akilla, he got himself a reward. And I’m hopeful that no matter how tiring each day will be for Sungmin, Hyaku will be able to ease all the pain at once.
Hyaku, we’re relying on you! Take care of appa! Araso? ^_^

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