Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daddy Teukkie?

Source: Park Jung Soo’s cyworld
I am in the mood of taking pictures off Jungsoo’s cyworld to put here. Hahaha! I’m sorry, I just can’t stop but do it. Seeing my angel in different moods captured in images really gives me the hype of writing as much articles as I can.*Pardon me for randomness, though.*

So in the pictures above, of course you’ll get to see Teukkie with a child. Okay, okay, so it’s surely not his son. I believe this is taken from Starking. I’m just not sure. Anyway, going back to the images… I can’t help but imagine Teukkie as a father.
I’ve already discussed my belief on Sungmin’s fatherhood with Hyaku on my previous entries. Now it’s time for my angel!!!
The pictures can’t say much but my imagination does. Teukkie’s smiles and stares on the baby proves to me that I have found a perfect father for my future kids. hahaha! I know I sound assuming.. No, I AM ASSUMING. But I would rather keep on thinking this way than nothing at all.
Seriously, these pictures are telling me that Teukkie really suits the role of a father. He seems so compatible with a child around. Come on, we must admit that there are some artists who really don’t like kids. Here in the Philippines, I know some.
If I want to see Sungmin create a family of his own, I would want to build a family with this guy. I know it’s not coming true but it’s not impossible. And there was never a rule stating that it’s wrong to dream.

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