Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blue Tomorrow: Scenes that Drove Me Crazy

To add up to my overt fascination and instant addiction with Blue Tomorrow’s music video, I created a list of some remarkable points on the video which I think will be really interesting to all of you.
Well, as a review, I have to say that I would’ve preferred that they didn’t wear colored pants as the song is ballad, but nevertheless, it didn’t lessen the beauty of the cinematography. The lighting was superb, as well as the concept. Somehow, it reminded me of F4′s Seasons of Fireworks MV. Don’t you think?
Okay, okay. So here is the list. Be sure to check them all out:
  • It was said that this video was filmed for 3-days straight (non-stop) so I guess, it would be fine to say that Hankyung’s eyebags would testify to that. (1:06)
  • Kyuhyun’s on close up and I can’t help but run my fingers through the computer screen. Now I remember why “Ha Je” in Boys Over Flowers looked familiar to me. (1:24)
  • Donghae took a glimpse of Siwon. Notice his sexy eyes. @_@ The time seems to cooperate with Haewon? haha! (1:43)
  • I guess a producer must make Donghae’s dream of starring in a drama come true. I mean, he’ll be a good actor, you know. (1:48)
  • Zhou Mi… Tell me that you’re not wearing a couple ring… TELL ME!!!!!! (2:00)
  • Zhou Mi’s skinny. Admit it. But he’s sexy. (2:07)
  • Ryeowook seems to be watching the other boys sing their parts. (2:07)
  • This is cute. Ryeowook’s wearing heels. :) Oh well, so what? With or without it, he’s gorgeous. (2:13)
  • I don’t know what came to me but I think Donghae’s arm is manly with all those veins coming out. (2:19)
  • Donghae and Kyuhyun’s doing a little acting by pretending to cry. How cute!!!(2:39)
  • Zhou Mi’s cute and Donghae’s naturally hot. (2:44)
  • Find Donghae’s pimple. Indeed, filming for three days straight is stressing.(3:00)
  • Siwon’s smirk killed me!!! (3:04)
  • When Hankyung’s tear dropped, it felt like I cried a tear too. I was literally wiping it off in the computer screen. *pabo…hahaha* (3:15)
  • Zhou Mi’s pose left me speechless. Henry doesn’t seem like he’s 20… He’s all grown up and seemed like a businessman to me. (3:20)
  • Gestures never left Siwon. But it’s cute and relative. ^_^ (3:23)
  • In this cut, Henry doesn’t seem like of my age. He matured in this video. Woo! *hot* (3:37)
  • One thing I noticed is that Kyuhyun seemed to have gained some weight. I thought at first that maybe it’s just because of the suit but hmm… I don’t think so. hehe. (3:39)
  • I felt like I died and lived again when I knew that Donghae has a dimple!!! (3:48)
  • When Kyuhyun looked up and closed his eyes, I was like: *speechless*. How can he be that sexy to me? haha! (3:55)
  • An epic Ryeowook move is coming… hehe. (4:02)
  • Kyuhyun looking above… He seemed like a child watching a fireworks display. And I just want to hug him so tight. (4:24)
  • So I melted on Hankyung’s stares and smirk. (4:29)
Have you noticed it all? :) Don’t ask me how I managed to find all those.. I will never get an answer, myself. ^_^

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