Saturday, November 14, 2009

DJ Teuk's Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind
Wind autumn wind..
Wind autumn wind that goes through my inner heart..
Fallen. My heart that has once loved you
Already burnt to ashes, that fallen leaf in my heart.
Fallen. That which has once rowed through the air
That one and only star.
That missed and yearned for season.
That lonely and solitary season.
That lonesome and desolate season.
Wind blows. Autumn wind..
Credits: DJ Eunteuk &sjbluecn
Translated & shared by Fever & Blue`Princez @

I know that Teukkie can write poems but this is the first time that I got to read his creation.
Lonely. This is the first word that came to my mind when I finished reading Teukkie’s poem. The message is quite vague since I don’t know what Teukkie’s thinking but I honestly felt some kind of pain with this.
Has he said goodbye? Is he longing for someone? I don’t know. The poem suddenly reflects me. The poem suddenly talks about me. OMG.
It’s cold here in the Philippines too so I somehow understand how Teukkie’s feeling. He’s as nostalgic as I am, I guess.
Autumn surely brings all the memories back. If not Autumn, at least the cold season does. But I’m optimistic about these kind of feelings.
No matter how much pain nostalgia may bring, I have to continue living. I just have to wait for the season to end and then things will get back to normal. After all, life’s a cycle. Things happen repeatedly so the trick is you’ve got to prepare yourself for everything.
I sounded so strong.
Now I suddenly realized… Based on my experiences, I couldn’t write a poem without something or someone in my mind. Hmm.. Who could the lucky person be?

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