Thursday, November 19, 2009

Teukkie’s ‘Miss You’ Message is For…

source: Park Jung Soo’s cyworld
I’ve got another assumption. You remember Teukkie’s ‘MISS YOU’ message on his Sidebar on Cyworld? I guess I know now who he’s referring to.
And I know you know it already.
Well, I got these pictures from his cyworld but I’m not sure if he uploaded these or it came from his fans. But there were messages there saying “Miss… Miss… Miss…” And in this entry, I’ll be saying “Miss… Miss… Miss…” too.
Because the truth is, I miss them together. Really.
Kangin’s been away for a while now. I wonder how he is. For a long time, I’ve been so concerned about his whereabouts and what he’s up to during suspension. I can’t remember if I said this already but with Kangin’s condition now, I have forgotten that Teukkie’s also hurting.
Oh, yeah, I’ve said that already.
Now, let me just reiterate it. I WANT THEM BACK TOGETHER.
That is why I can’t wait for New Year. I want to see Kangin with Teukkie again *KANGTEUK COUPLE*.
I believe that Kangin can support the leader more than anybody else now. I know he can manage Teukkie’s mind well. And I believe that Teukkie will really feel better with Kangin around.
That’s why I want them together now. I want to see them together so bad

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