Wednesday, November 4, 2009

박정수, 사랑해 … 영원히~

I cannot put anything decent tonight. My mind’s not in the right track so my apologies… But I thought I just have to make things easier for me, so I’m turning my attention to my angel, Teukkie.
The truth is, I want to find someone like Teukkie. I know I’m getting emotional again but for the nth time, just let me be. For the past relationships I had, I cannot help but atleast demand for someone who I know I’ll really be happy with.
And I know, with someone as Teukkie, if not Teukkie; I can never go wrong again.
Should there be somebody who can show me what a true leader is, as how Leeteuk did, I would never hesitate to accept him. Because this is the major reason why I fell head over heels for the Teukkie. With his unquestionable ability to lead, I’m pretty certain that he can fix me when I need some repairing to do with myself.
In a guy, I would really prefer someone who could drive. So that he can bring me to places I want to reach. But I cannot say no to Teukkie’s determination to learn. Who would really turn down someone who continues persevering just to be able to prove himself to others? If a guy pursues me, he has to be as determined as Teukkie. I would never say no to that.
A guy who would court me should be in love with music too. If he can play the piano, then that would give him additional points. If he can sing and dance, better. Because that’s what I loved Teukkie more for. With music, I know we can understand better for if there are things we cannot tell to or understand with each other, music will bridge the gap.
Teukkie is a very caring person. He never lets his members down, and always takes care of them all. And that trait is one important character that a man should possess if he wants to pursue me. I am a very appreciative person. And concerns are huge things to me.
I want someone who never fears to be emotional. I honestly do not believe that when a man cries, he’s gay. No. It just shows how manly he is to admit that he’s either too happy or in pain. Teukkie had shown me an example of such person. And I love him for that.
And last, I want someone who can still be happy even if things are not right. Look at Teukkie, everything’s so stressful but he can still make us hear his laughter – his epic laugh. Happiness matters to me. That’s why Teukkie does.
Okay.. I just turned senseless. Sorry. Saranghae Teukkie

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