Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shit Happens. That’s Why Netizens are Made.

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I was awakened with the same feeling I felt the morning I first heard of Kangin’s incidents. This was the same feeling when I never thought that my morning would be ruined with bashful comments from netizens who act like gods toward artists in South Korea.
And it didn’t disappoint. I’m sure bound to find another sarcastic issues again.
I thought it stopped. I thought it died. But no, SPAO’s advertisements with Kangin on it has ‘flared’ up netizens again. I tried to keep my eyes off the comments but it just wouldn’t escape me. And yeah, it ruined my day.
“Exposing his face to the public is still considered an ‘activity’.”
“Do you think we are stupid?”
“We do not even want Kangin to quit or a resign from the group. But he should still keep his promise.”
“Why haven’t you guys arrested this kid yet?”
These are statements included on the article from I can’t help but answer these.
Exposing his face is an activity, yes. But who are these netizens to control what and who should do what he needs to do?
Do I think they’re stupid? OH YES! Isn’t it obvious? Acting like the most invincible in this world of entertainment and trying to control the lives of the artists in South Korea is actually the dumbest thing one person could ever do. And asking if people think you’re stupid is dumber!
“We do not even want Kangin to quit or a resign from the group. But he should still keep his promise.” I don’t remember any promises Kangin made. He apologized but never did he promise. What is this all about? Oh my… Would people really go to the extent of creating a story just to be put on the limelight? Do they really deserve some acting stints for these?
And last… For heaven’s sake! WHY WOULD YOU ARREST KANGIN!? This made me laugh. Netizens should have created their own constitution, their own laws and their own world. Things will better be understood and accepted when that’s how things are.
These comments are annoying and insulting. But the most annoying comment for me would be that of’s.
Netizens should give it a rest. SHIT HAPPENS?
The article could be misleading. A good-sounding sentence before a very sarcastic remark can fool people. BUT NOT ME. NOT ALL PEOPLE.
So Kangin’s issues are shit? Hahahaha! This doesn’t go to as general but whoever wrote that must have been the writer of Heechul’s Nylon Photoshoot article. And whoever s/he is, I pity him/her for not knowing how to make proper controversy. should be thankful to that ‘WRITER’. S/He must have been their asset in winning the BEST BREAKING NEWS SITE or whatever you may call that award. Because indeed, his/her news breaks. Pitiful.
I believe s/he should go to a writers’ workshop before the year ends. So that upon Kangin’s comeback, s/he would know HOW TO REALLY WRITE.
Grrr. This angers me. Not just because I’m a fan but because I AM A WRITER MYSELF. I know how a NEWS ARTICLE SHOULD LOOK LIKE. IT IS NEVER BIAS – One thing that WRITER should know. I just cannot get it why there are people who use the title when they are not even worthy of it.
I know, I get bias too. My articles are. But of course! I WRITE FEATURE ARTICLES! I WRITE OPINIONATED ARTICLES! I don’t tell people I’m writing news because there is bias on my works. Because again, NEWS ARTICLES ARE NEVER BIAS. That’s the most basic thing in JOURNALISM.
To netizens and to that one ‘writer’ of, GET THE GRIP OFF KANGIN.

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