Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take Care of My Angel, O Lord~

These pictures killed me. I don’t know when it was taken but seriously, I don’t ever want to see my angel on this state again. EVER.
It breaks my heart to look at these pictures. I can’t say anything. My mind suddenly wouldn’t work. I’m hurting for my angel. I know he’s so tired and stressed that he really needs a break from everything else. REALLY NEEDS A BREAK.
I wonder when SM Entertainment will let him go on a vacation. Well, not just Teukkie but also the rest of Super Junior. I wonder when the company’s going to give them a break. But with Teukkie taking over Boom on Boomacademy in Kang Shimjang and Miracle, I don’t think it’s soon.
Now, I’m praying. Teukkie’s a little depressed at the moment. I’ve known it from his cyworld entries. Just recently, he got sick due to over-stress. I’m really worried for his health. I am really worried for my angel.
I wish I could just hug him tight tonight.
God, as the cold wind blows, please bring my love to Teukkie. Please don’t let him feel the loneliness anymore. If Your angel is hurting, please comfort him for me. Please hug him so tight to keep him warm. Please never leave his side for me. Please…

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