Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Life Couldn’t Get Better… Indeed.

Have you ever come into a point of your life when you’ll just grow tired of everything? You feel like nobody’s on your side and that the whole world has deserted you? Are there times when you feel like life’s unfair?
Oh… Don’t turn the tables. I’ll definitely say yes on this.
I often think that life’s playing pranks on me. When everybody’s happy, I would cry. When everybody gets what they want, I am left with nothing. It happens in a way I cannot understand, in a way I cannot really take.
There are times when I feel like giving up. Pain overwhelms me so much that I cannot see even a glimpse of light outside the dark world I’m in. Too much drama, it is; no exaggeration was added to what you’re reading now.
But there is and there will always be light. At the end of even the darkest alley I walk along, there is hope waiting for me.
I know this so well because from time to time before, I searched for what I thought was missing. And now, I finally found it. After walking blindly through wherever, here I am, enjoying one of life’s greatest rewards.
Not everybody can escape loneliness, and I’m so fortunate to have learned a way out – Super Junior. If not for these 13 wonderful, majestic people, I could have still been stuck on the same old person that I was.
This is what I’m thankful for. This is why I’m a lot better now. They ease the pain through music. They ease despair through being themselves.
I’m looking up to a lot of artists. They are all good, I must admit. But I can confidently say that only Super Junior made me feel that after all, life couldn’t get better.

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