Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thirteen Horcruxes. Worse than Voldemort.

Should you be a Harry Potter fan, you’ll understand what Horcruxes are. But if not, let me explain what it is in my own understanding:
A horcrux is made when you divide your soul into fractions and keep it on things that humans think are senseless. This is a source of immortality for as long as the horcrux exists, the soul will never die. So the more horcruxes a magical person makes, the bigger chances for him to stay alive forever.
However, horcruxes may be destroyed. And if it is destroyed, then that’s the end for the soul on it.


Horcruxes are hoaxes. Yet they’re true for me. I created thirteen in the world that is mine alone. I divided my soul into thirteen and kept them on thirteen individuals whom we know as Super Junior.
And now that things are going out of hand, now that things are getting more and more difficult for these guys, I feel like losing my soul. Now, I’m feeling divided.
I took the risk of giving my heart to thirteen individuals. Now I know not where it’s taking me.
But I will continue believing. I will never let go of my soul. I will never let go of my horcruxes.


I maybe worse than Voldemort. But I’m a lot better than him. Because these thirteen horcruxes are made purely because I love them.


At the moment, I am really sad for what’s happening to Kyuhyun. Shutting his minihompy is almost as good as saying he’s definitely having a hard time on this. I was too focused on Hangeng’s situations that I forgot to take into consideration about the other members (well except Teukkie & Heenim). How should we all react to this? I don’t know. I don’t really know.
I don’t know if my words weigh to anybody who’s reading this post. But I’m not liking the comments that have been surfacing in the internet. It’s as if Kyuhyun’s being blamed for what he said. It’s as if Hangeng’s being generalized. It’s as if the other members are being judged.  I’M NOT LIKING IT. REALLY.
Because to me, they are a group. They are my horcruxes. They have the divisions of my soul.
I wish I’m doing the right way of thinking. I wish things will be better soon.
(I’m in my thesis meeting right now so I can’t think right. But as soon as I get home, I’ll be editing this and make it more understandable.)

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