Saturday, November 7, 2009

Super Junior: A Walk to Remember

Super Junior: A Walk to Remember
Well, I know this is late. I should have shared this yesterday but I am certain that most of you had watched it already. However, I cannot still get over the hype of their 4th anniversary so for those who haven’t watch these videos, please do so.

credits: sjworldnet @ youtube

I was in tears when I first watched this. And honestly, I don’t think I can watch this again without crying. Indeed, facts can bring out the emotional side of anybody just as long as love prevails on that person.
In my case, I love Super Junior so much that it hurts to know what they went through. If only I was there beside them to take away all the pain they felt prior to debut and prior to their fourth anniversary.
It drives me crazy whenever the scene of Leeteuk in pain on that TV program appears on my mind. *OMG. Tears are filling my eyes again.* Too much sacrifices for the sake of being a perfect idol were done. And honestly, I don’t want to see it again. I wish I was a part of that program’s production team so I could have shouted ‘CUT!’ for him.
And the same feeling goes on Kyuhyun & Teukkie’s accident, Heechul’s accident, Donghae’s father’s passing away, Hankyung’s masked performances, and other incidents that showed their sacrifices as Super Junior members.
And then I realized, they did a lot for us. They did a lot to be worthy of our love and loyalty. They sacrificed a lot of things – things they could have been enjoying now but cannot because they’re idols. I know it wasn’t easy. I know it wasn’t fun. But they did. For the love of the group, for the love of ELFs.
I guess I would never be able to translate into words how grateful I am to know these 13 wonderful people who brought major changes in my life. And I would have never been the person that I am today if not for them.
I’ve known them better through these videos. And I pray that in one way or another, you’ll feel how great they are as a blessing to this world.
Let’s continue supporting them. And let us witness hand-in-hand how the whole world turns into Sapphire Blue. Let’s always love Super Junior.

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