Sunday, November 15, 2009

CYWORLD: Sungmin 2009.11.15

On the morning of the third day
2009.11.15 10:23
Finally took (a picture of) our Hyaku yawning!!
Held my hand and fell asleep…
2009.11.15 10:28
Hyaku…fell asleep like this…
After that I.. couldn’t move for 30 minutes again….
2009.11.15 10:57
Our Hyaku… didn’t drink water once since he came home..
While~ I was thinking that babies just don’t drink…
It crossed my mind.. that maybe they just don’t know how to drink..
In the end, he went into training again…
As expected.. there was something he didn’t know..
Hyaku was a genius.. I showed him once and he picked it up perfectly so fast..he’s drinking well now!
He made me so surprised because I praised him and he drank water without stopping for 5 minutes..
I knew he would become a hippo..;;;;;;
How-to-drink-water training came to an end like this too..
SR: 이성민 싸이월드
CR: rocket & yurim_sj♥ @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Once more, I can’t help but stare and be amazed on Hyaku! hahaha! I’m really stalking this cat. As in! I don’t know why. Maybe because he reminds me of my baby dog. ^_^
But what amazed me more and made me follow this cat’s daily life is the fact that Sungmin is his father. Haha! I love how our Sungminnie becomes an appa to this cat! He sure knows how to take care of his son. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes the world’s greatest father in the future.
Notice the 2nd entry. You’ll see Sungmin’s hand on the picture. (It’s obvious that it’s his.) And just because Hyaku hugged it and slept, he couldn’t move for 30 minutes. Now, isn’t that sweet? With his busy schedule and tired body, he took off 30 minutes from his time to prioritize Hyaku’s sleep. Woah.
And on the third entry, a cat learning things and tricks in a short span of time is a genius. But teaching cats is more than genius. It requires lots of patience because sometimes, cats can be stubborn. I can imagine Sungminnie talking to and instructing Hyaku of the things he (the cat) has to learn to survive life.
I hope I’m a cat too! ^_^
**Oh, and I  just remember. I was at the church last night and on the choir area, there was a cat roaming around. I couldn’t concentrate on the ceremony because the cat kept on brushing his body on my feet. ^_^

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