Monday, November 23, 2009

You are All That I Am & I’ll Never Forget

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How many times did I pray you’d find me?
How many wishes on a star?
Gazing often to the dark, dreaming I’ll see your face
Safe and home, unafraid
Captured in your embrace…

So many times when my heart was broken.
Pictures of you would keep me strong
You were with me all along, guiding my every step
You were all that I am and I’ll never forget

It was you who first believed in all that I was made to be
It was you looking in my eyes, you held my hand and showed me love
And I’ll never be the same since you first believed

This is entitled ‘You First Believe’ sung by Hoku. Most of you may know this already. It was released not so long ago and admit it, it’s beautiful.
Honestly, this song brings me nostalgia. Painful memories would always go back to me whenever I hear this song. The truth is, it has been a long time since I sang this because I’m afraid that along with the memories, the feelings would be relived.
Gladly, I found someone else to dedicate this song to – TEUKKIE.
I know, I know. We don’t know each other and it’s impossible that we will do so. But unknowingly, he believed in me. Because I’m an ELF, he believes in me.
The second stanza would summarize this article. He’s always my refuge. He’s always my escape. Whenever I feel like the world’s against me, he’s always the one I could run to. And he never fails to give me comfort. Yeah, he might never know. And knowing him, how much greater could this feeling be if he does?
I don’t know how it happened but our feelings would always be similar. When I feel lonely, I will check on his Cyworld and realize that he is, too. When I’m happy, he’ll tell he is too. Chances. Yes, chances. But this is our one connection to say that he is all that I am, and I’ll never forget.
I never thought I could fall for Teukkie this way. Fangirling for others, love for me.
Though he may be indifferent as how he seems to be in the picture, I’m not gonna stop. Nobody can make me do so.

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