Sunday, November 8, 2009

And the Best Actor is... Kim Heechul!


If Heechul wasn’t a singer, what do you think will he be doing now? What could we have known him for? Hmm… With this video, the answer seems obvious.
This is the official music video of Chobyeol as it is the OST of Loving You Ten Million Times. There were no cuts of Heechul singing but of course, lots of him – acting. Cute? No. More than cute.
Heechul has the talent in acting. I’ve seen much of it on Attack on the Pin-up Boys. At the moment, Wanted Perfect Family is being shown here in the Philippines and my admiration gets more and more intense everytime I see him appear. Seeing him in Loving You Ten Million Times adds up to it. (Whew. I wish I could straighten my thoughts to give you a better article to read.)
I don’t know much about acting. I never tried doing so. But I know when to say that an actor is good or bad. I can determine who acts well and who does not. I have an eye for it. Really.
And Heechul is one of those few singers who I can tell has a future in acting. Everything seems so natural when he’s on screen. I don’t know if it is just because I’m an ELF but I notice that everytime he appears on TV with a certain character, the scene becomes memorable. Every action he does, he does it on his own way. He gives life to the character – one thing not all actors can do.
Now, I cannot help but think that with more exposures and opportunities for Heechul, he could be the next Rain. Well, a little improvement on his English wouldn’t hurt anyway. ^_^
I’ve seen him succeed in being a member of Super Junior. I’ve seen him succeed as an individual performer. Now, I am looking forward to seeing him go up on stage not just to perform or do MC jobs but accept awards – awards which recognizes not just his musical talent but his acting skills too.
And I believe that this is not just what he can do. I believe he’s got lots more to offer. ^_^
Hmm… I suddenly got into thinking… When will he be able to do a movie again? ^_^

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