Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Super Junior

credits: sjworldnet @ youtube
I cannot seem to sleep tonight. So many things had happened and I’m still preoccupied. And I guess much of this can’t-sleep-thing is brought by the fact that twelfs (Twitter ELFs) managed to put #superjunior and #standbykangin in the trending topics in just two hours. :)
It’s Super Junior’s 4th anniversary today. And as I was trying to get myself tired to sleep, I watch videos from Youtube and that showed me the video above.
This was a cut from Infinity Girls, a reality show in South Korea. I am just not sure whether it still runs but I think it doesn’t anymore.. Anyway, you can view the whole show on Youtube if you would like to watch it. The keywords appear at the video anyway.
Now, why did I post this?
The boys had gone through a lot of difficulties this year. Too much had happened that brought them to worst kinds of issues. Kibum’s long-term absence on the group, Kangin’s suspension, Teukkie’s over-worked body, etc.
And as today is their anniversary, I wish that I would get to see them all as happy as Sungmin is on the video. On the beginning part, you’ll get to see our Sungminnie laughing his heart out because of Shinyeong’s acting. And I loved seeing him so much that it made me play that part over and over again.
Because I knew that that laughter was authentic. Because I knew that that fun was real. And I know that that is the kind of happiness I would want all of them to have on this very special day.
I was a part of TwELFs in making #superjunior and #standbykangin a trending topic. And as we made it on No.2 and No.6 respectively at most, I asked myself, what else can I give Super Junior for their anniversary?
Because I feel like I have the obligation to give something back to them. For everything they did to and for me, I have to find a way to compensate. I know this is absurd but we all know from where I’m coming from. The feeling is mutual among all the ELFs in the entire planet. So I need not to elaborate.
To do something on my own, I made a poem which I’m planning to turn into a song. It’s entitled Forever Sapphire Blue. Since I love writing, it’s the least I can do to show them that I love them.
But most importantly, it’s not just the thought that I made a poem for them that makes it special. It is the promise behind those words that says: “Until the whole world turns into Sapphire Blue, I promise I’ll forever be loving you.”
I love you Super Junior. Forever.

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