Saturday, November 14, 2009

DJ Hyuk's Revised Autumn

Revised Autumn Wind
Wind blowing
Passing my face to tell me autumn is here
Leaves falling to zero*
Passing my feet to tell me autumn is here
Prominent appetite
Fill my stomach to tell me autumn is here
Eunteuk ah have come to life
Stayed at the place of revision and thus saved KTR
credits: DJ Eunteuk & sjbluecn
trans & shared by: Fever & Blue`Princez @

I’ve posted Teukkie’s poem on his album and here comes the continuation from DJ Eunhyuk. ^_^
If I found Teukkie’s post so emotional, this revision really made me feel more positive. I’ve understood Eunhyuk on a way my mind would dictate me so allow me to talk about my OWN perception of the poem.
Autumn is the season when all the leaves fall. You’ll get to see dried trees and crunchy leaves on the streets. It’s a romantic view but it also shows that there’s nothing constant in this world. It has a lonely atmosphere, with the cold breeze adding up to the scenario. I would love to see Autumn but I wouldn’t want to get used to it.
Eunhyuk’s poem felt like nostalgic too. Based on how I understand the poem, he’s discussing how Autumn reminds him of everything. And the last two lines – “Eunteuk ah have come to life, stayed at the place of revision and thus saved KTR” – gave me a clear message.
Now, how do I translate this into words?
Okay, the thing that came to me is that Eunhyuk wrote about how they went through lots of changes in their lives just to be what they are now. They remained in the place of revision because they are open to changes as long as it is for the good of, not just KTR, but also of everything else.
I know this comprehension is absurd but the main point of writing a poem is to deliver messages in accordance to how the readers would understand… AND THIS IS MY UNDERSTANDING.
I wonder what would have become of KTR had they not get DJ Eunteuk on the show. Years have passed already and they’re still airing. Well, with the two perfect DJ’s on the program, what do we expect? :)

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