Monday, November 2, 2009

An Evil to Love Named Cho Kyuhyun

I never really liked people who laugh at others’ mistakes. A part of me is that conservative and protective. And I’m supposed to dislike Kyuhyun for what he had done to Zhoumi, but the truth is, I loved him more.
I have told myself, which I have written in this blog too, that Kyuhyun’s a magnae no more. I saw his transformation from that cute blonde guy singing ‘A Whole New World’ with Charice Pempengco on Starking to a handsome man that mystifies me on Numero Magazine.
But with these photos, I think I have to admit that our Kyuhyun will still, and will always be, Super Junior’s magnae.
Honestly, when I heard of the issue that he laughed in front of national TV when Zhoumi’s voice broke, I thought: ‘HOW DID KYUHYUN MANAGED TO DO THAT?’ It felt like he shamed Zhoumi in front of so many Chinese people. But when I watched the video and saw these pictures, I told myself: ‘Come on, Angelica… Say sorry to your heart for thinking he’s bad. Admit you’re loving him more… Admit it..’
And so I did.
Indeed, there is one evil to love. His bullying keeps me wanting for more because it’s cute. It’s not annoying and that makes his being evil still a positive thing. I would prefer the act not to be done but with Kyuhyun doing it, HOW CAN ANYONE SAY STOP?
I cannot dislike him. Laughing on his knees, asking Wookie to sing his part, doing it all in front of national television – I cannot condemn what he did. Because what reigned in me is the fact that in my eyes, he is the magnae (though Henry was there), he is the person I would want to bully me…
He is Cho Kyuhyun.

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