Monday, November 23, 2009

Cyworld: Leeteuk 2009.11.23

2009.11.22 일(2009.11.23 00:13)
..I will wait..
..I will wait a little more..
..till then no matter what happens..
..I will forget about it..
Credits: 박정수 미니홈피
Kor > Chin:
Chin > Eng: ★_Excentrique @
I wonder what Jungsoo’s waiting for… What or WHO? Whatever or whoever it is, I leave it to my imaginations to determine. But I’m sure to support this guy if ever that would be someone.
Then, I wonder too…
Do I really feel the same way as Teukkie? Waiting for something we’re not sure of. Telling and convincing ourselves that we will forget it if it doesn’t come.
Or is it just him who could do so?
Because I don’t think I can forget that easy. I’m easy to give in to missing someone. And it cuts deep to realize that I can’t stand by my decision to move on. What can I do? What else can I do?
I know nothing. I don’t have even just a single clue. I can’t tell what’s happening. But I am hoping… If not for him to come to me, at least, to be okay.
And here’s the truth: Knowing that somehow, Teukkie and I have the same feeling, it makes me smile. Because even though he doesn’t know me and we’re million miles apart from each other, we still have even the smallest similarity to connect us.
Atleast I’m gonna go to bed with something happy to think of.

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