Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sarah… They’re Never Too Far.

credits: Sungmin’s Cyworld
Okay, okay… So you might think that I posted this because it showed how good Sungmin could be as a father… But no… Hahaha.
Yeah, Sungmin’s so cute here. He seems like that child he’s with. My childish pumpkin prince… ^_^ Actually, I’ve got nothing else to say. I just want to show this pictureto all of you.
Stare at the face of the child… She is familiar. You wanna know who she looks like? SARAH. :) Yeah, ICEPLUSCOFFEE’s owner ^_^
It’s just so cute to realize that even though Seoul and Davao are million miles away, but here is a picture that puts Sarah near Super Junior. And I wish she appreciates this. :)
Sarah, I love you. ^_^

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