Monday, November 30, 2009

The Reason I Love Super Junior

So it’s turning midnight and I’m still wide awake. Good thing my brother attended a birthday party, the computer’s mine since this morning. *Though I wish he’s already here because he said he’s drunk >.<*
The title suits this entry. I don’t know what came to me to write about the reason why I love Super Junior. Well, of course, you know very well that it is because of what they’re doing to me – I have said it a thousand times already in this blog.
But why not go to something tangible? Well, not really… Uhm, let’s just say more comprehensible. Hmmm… That would be better.
So why do I love Super Junior?
As some of you knows, I am a Communication Arts student. In my course, I get to work on live or broadcast productions. I work with not-so-ordinary people as I may enter the entertainment industry. So I basically has the basic knowledge of what is a good production, and who are the good artists.
And among many artists of different races that I have known, it is only Super Junior who managed to impress me this much.
There are 13 boys in the group (15 if Henry and Zhoumi are mentioned). So the quantity of the people to stand on stage and perform is quite unimaginable for some who doesn’t know who they are. But was there ever a performance where all of them appeared and looked crowded?
None for me.
That’s the good thing about them. They own the stage without confusing their audience. Yes, the space may contribute to this but it is more of the boys’ ability to do well in front of so many people. Their charisma on stage enables them to be figuratively seen as one. And that controls everything.
I know one group who’s as many as them (I think!), but that was like five or six years ago. They started as dancers, starred on films and eventually went for singing… They are the Streetboys. And though they aren’t disbanded yet, there are less news about the group as a whole now.
So what am I saying? Nothing. I don’t compare. I just remembered the locals.
Then, there is the fact that the stage really love the boys. It’s very, very difficult to see authentic playfulness and fun on artists performing on stage. Among local or foreign artists, I have never seen one do his thing on stage the way Super Junior do. The real isolation from Earth to a world that is Sapphire Blue really happens whenever there are Super Junior concerts. Because they create a world of their own, in the middle of an ocean covered in Sapphire Blue.
You get me? If you don’t, sorry… I really don’t have any words left in my mind to explain.. :(

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