Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sungmin's Gonna be a Good Daddy~

2009.11.13 22:52
Title : Hyaku’s morning
He supposed to wake up at 8 in the morning to eat…
Instead he was sleeping like this…ㅜㅜ
What should I say to wake him up….ㅠㅠ
In the end I couldnt wake him up after 30 minutes…
2009.11.13 22:55
Title : poo-poo♥
gickrcomd22677369ae2901Actually he didnt poo-poo
He just went inside and sit there…ㅎㅎㅎ
Should I make our Hyaku become a celebrity as well…^^ㅋ
2009.11.13 22:59
Title : Hyaku’s house is done!
gickrcom8e472ffc8287ca2Hyaku is playing inside his house!^ㅡ^
Because (the house) is done one day late so he slept on the ground yesterday~ㅎㅎ
Because of the decoration, it took one more day…
Hyaku, do you know Appa’s hard working..
2009.11.13 23:02
Title : Hyaku’s house is done!
(He was) wandering around this place that place since it’s his first time inside the house~^^
He didnt know how to go up or down so I taught him
Just in a short time, he could follow along…
Our smart Hyaku~ 

Source : 이성민 Cyworld
Thanks ★_Excentrique for the shout out and the gif
Translated by

Seems like I’m off to follow another member. Hyaku!!! :) I’m getting more and more obsessed with this cat now. Everytime I see him on pictures on Sungmin’s cyworld and on, I can’t help but really post his pictures on this blog and say something.
But before I indulge myself on ‘fangirling’ with a cat, I just want to share some realizations I had about Sungmin, Hyaku’s father.
Honestly, with the way he treats Hyaku, I am pretty certain that Sungmin’s going to be a great father in the future. Well, I don’t compare a child to a cat but personally, I believe that if a person can take care of an animal well, how much more if he is going to take care of another person right?
I wish I could be able to see Sungmin become a father. I wish I could see him raise his family in the future. I want to witness how he will be to his children.
And should his future family be able to read this, please take care of Sungmin. Love him forever and never give him heartaches. ^_^
Sorry, sorry… I’ve got nothing sensible to say. I was very much distracted by Hyaku’s cuteness and his adorable pink poo-poo place. hahaha.

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