Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Am Seriously In Love with this Man

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I seriously lost my senses. The picture above made me give it a second and a third look to make sure who it is. It gave me a shock and everything you can think of that has to do with the word surprise.
The Super Show II in Thailand has just ended. @twelfs did a good job sharing updates on what’s happening in Bangkok. They instantly the official photos, and the picture above was the greatest one they gave.
Indeed, the angel descended once again.
Yeah, it’s the leader that you’re seeing on the picture above. I honestly lost my senses upon seeing it. I was definitely surprised to see a brand new Teukkie. I have just watched Strong Heart’s Teukigayo cut (November 24, 2009) and he didn’t seem different there. But looks like I’ve made a mistake when I thought of that.
I can’t find words to describe how I’m feeling now. Hahaha! I’m very much overwhelmed. I even posted this picture on my facebook account with the comment saying: ‘I am seriously in love with this man.’ And no one should ask me if I really do, because with one question, I would repeatedly answer ‘YES’.
Maybe this is the surprise that he’s talking about on his recent Cyworld entries. This is the surprise that he’s been asking us to prepare ourselves from. This is the result of his burden.
He has been working out a lot. I’ve been following his updates regularly and I never thought he’d be taking things this serious. Looks like he decided to change his image on his own… From the built to the hairstyle (which fits him so much!*drools*). He once again took away all the pain in me. Omona… My angel came to save me once again. And now, you fully understand why I’m so thankful for him…
And I am seriously in love with this man.

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