Thursday, November 19, 2009

An Angel Thanking the Heavens

Seeing the angel like this, it seems like he’s staring at the place where he came from.
If I could just blow this picture up, I would. I would make this my desktop wallpaper, print it for a poster and use this for a tarpaulin. This is another picture I would want to stare at always. Not just because of the image’s color blending but of course, the subject.
Teukkie’s eyes are hypnotizing to me. It always have something to say. It always have something to express – one thing that nobody can really translate into words, one thing that can only be felt.
As I’ve said, as he looks above, it seems to me that he’s thanking the heavens for whatever he has now on Earth. I believe he’s missing the place he came from. After all, Teukkie is an angel. Teukkie is an angel who descended here on Earth for all of us.
Honestly, I would want to take a picture of myself like that too. Really. Because I would want to show the whole world how sincere I am in thanking God for sending me the greatest of all angels He has.
Again, random thoughts dominated my mind that I can’t end this well. But I hope you got my point.
After all, all I just want to say is I love him so much. :)

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