Saturday, August 1, 2009

Loving Korea Since High School.. :)

I have been soooo fascinated with the Korean culture ever since I was in High School – the places, the culture and the people, themselves. This also includes the entertainment scene. Thanks to Song Hye Kyo and Song Seung Heon of Autumn in my Heart. :)
I was in third year high school when I told myself that I am going to Jeju Island in the future. This is because of Winter Sonata starring Bae Yong Jun and Choi Ji Woo. I really want to walk through the pathway in Namisoem Island and enter that house in Oedo Island. I even want to ride a bike in Chuncheon and hear the crunching sounds of the autumn leaves there.
That was 5 years ago. And right now, nothing has changed. In a few months time, I will be graduating from college. Much to my hope, I am asking my mom to send me to South Korea for vacation instead.
The reason why I love the culture is because it is very, very close to mine. You see, I am a Filipino and I grew up here in the Philippines. There isn’t any much differences.
However, I have to mention certain things that makes the two cultures different. First, the sweetness of the people in SKorea. I really love it. I really love seeing Korean celebrities act intimately with each other, minus the malice. You can’t expect it here. Second, the ethnocentrism. I am a living proof that there is a sense of xenocentrism here. :) No, what I mean was South Koreans carry their nation’s pride well. They are not ashamed of what they are and from where they are. Third, the respect they have for each other. In South Korea, I have proven through SM Town’s talents that they value each other so much. Hyungs and Unnis are very much responsible to their Dongsaengs… Last and most importantly, most South Koreans do not lie. Even if they’ll be hurting others’ feelings, they still tell the truth.
These are the things that I would like Filipinos to learn. And that is why I would want to learn the Korean culture well.  I would want to fill in what’s lacking in this country, in this kind of culture. :)
And I swear, I’m gonna do whatever it takes to attain this goal. :)

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