Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It’s the question I often ask myself. One word requiring thousands, if not millions, of words to be answered.
I love explanations. But I get fed up at times. Though I love asking why, I have to say that sometimes, I hate myself for doing so.
Because it’s not always that the explanations of things are what I want to hear, to know. Most of the time, by asking why, I am just hurting myself.
Then I read Eeteuk’s page. If my understanding is right, he’s referring to himself as useless.
After shedding some tears secretly in front of the computer, I once again questioned myself, WHY. Why is he like that? Why am I feeling the same way?
Then I realized, he is probably feeling incomplete. Truly, fame and fortune can never equate happiness. However, I’m pretty sure that the love, concern and support coming from ELFs, like me, can help him in easing away the pain.
Why am I loving Eeteuk so much…?
Yeah, another WHY question…

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