Sunday, August 30, 2009

Super Junior to ELF: ELF to Super Junior

I’ve been noticing a lot of things lately. But this is one thing that made me like: What?! Uhm… I’m not sure whether this is just right to say, but let me do so. Maybe, this could help us become better fans of Super Junior.
First I just want to say that I saw some behind the scenes photos of the yacht shoot mentioned on the news, and I have to say that I noticed the fatigue in the members’ faces.
Now, what I just want to say is this:
Super Junior members are humans too. They get tired. They get annoyed. They need privacy. They need time. It’s not because we are their fans that we should always be literally INTO what they do. Because after all, we are all involved in it:
SUPER JUNIOR IS DOING WHAT WE SEE THEM DOING BECAUSE OF US, ELFs. Next to their dreams and families, they are working hard because they know that we believe in them.
I know that they are God-likes and almost perfect, and I’m not sure if I can control myself too if I see them in person, but I’m pretty certain that no matter how much I wanted to be close to them, I’ll still be maintaining that thick-thin line that divides me and their privacy.
I’m not an anti. My previous blogs will surely prove it to you. But I just want to say that nobody owns Super Junior. Even the Lee Soo Man. Super Junior members own themselves and let’s respect it.
So what if they don’t smile in the middle of a photo shoot? So what if they change route to avoid crowds? So what if they don’t talk much often than we expect?
I just love them so much that’s why I’m saying this. Come on, guys. They’re not robots. And they don’t just fit themselves to what we want them to be. After all, we loved them for who they are, don’t we?
One favor: Too much fangirling hurts. We are all loved by Super Junior because we are all ELFs. And if you think that Super Junior is neglecting you, think twice. Because they wouldn’t be doing this much hardwork if they do not value you. :)
Let’s continue loving Super Junior :)

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