Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Joy in Super Junior's Existence

I missed this – waking up with nothing in my mind yet involuntarily smiling. ^^
I don’t know how it happened, maybe it has something to do with me, dreaming i’m two weeks pregnant and realizing that it means something good in reality.
But as I turn my computer on, I realized that it’s more of that weird dream. It’s because of the fact that I am living the life I have always longed for. I browsed the net and saw myself being that someone I have always wanted myself to be.
I replied to a number of wall posts in Facebook. Most of them are from people I don’t know. They are Super Junior’s fans too – from Sweden, Indonesia and Taiwan.. I have been checking on ELF Philippines’ forum site regularly too. Yes, I’m taking Super Junior seriously.
Why? Simple. Because I am happy doing it.
Honestly, it is not just the boys of Super Junior that makes me happy. Yes,  I have this I-love-everything-about-them character, but alongside is the fact that there is a two way process between me and Super Junior.
I have learned a lot through Super Junior. I may seem like a little exaggerated but I won’t waste time writing this entry if it’s not true.
Super Junior had let me be that person I have always wanted to be. If it wasn’t for them, I could have still been so down after everything that happened. They were my instant relief. They were my instant refuge.
Everytime I hear their voices, everytime I see their videos of  playing pranks on each other, everytime I see them dancing; there is this joy I can’t explain.
I know you, guys, are having a hard time keeping up with this post. I feel like it’s going random. But I won’t be editing this. Promise. Because this post comes from within.
Super Junior is a part of my system. They’re included in my daily routine. And no matter how many people criticize me, I won’t care. Yeah, Super Junior have antis too. And I pity them. Because I know that they aren’t lucky enough to feel the joy in Super Junior’s existence.

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