Friday, September 25, 2009

Sleep, My Darling Teukkie~

credits as tagged. Taken from Jung Soo’s CyWorld.

I can’t tell whether that glistening thing in his face is a tear or just because of the picture. But whatever it is, I can’t help but be moved by this picture. After all, this is my angel – tired and would want to rest.
Whatever his reasons for closing his eyes are, can’t you just feel the stress enveloping him? Being an idol is really tough. I’ve been saying that a million times already. And Teukkie is not an exemption.
Whenever I look at this photo, the longing to hold the angel’s hand is getting more and more intense. I wish I could just comfort him. I wish I could be beside him.

The tears. The pain. I wish I could just take it all away. I wish I could be worthy enough to at least make him smile. I want to ease away all the hurt in him. I want to be the one for him.
But it’s impossible. Not that I don’t believe on chances but Teukkie is a dream. I don’t even know if the time will come that he will read this post. But the truth remains that I will do my way to comfort him: SUPPORT. ALL OUT SUPPORT. FOREVER.

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