Saturday, September 26, 2009

Super Junior M: Choi Siwon

The gentleman has finally gotten over his nice guy look. ^^ These are photos I’ve been looking forward to seeing. Si Won has definitely created an entirely new image with these.
I know… I know… Si Won has always been that sexy, tall member of Super Junior. He has always been the most perfect guy in my eyes (but of course, I love Teukkie!!! ^^) But notice the difference with the Si Won then and the Si Won today. You saw it, right?
Yeah. The Si Won we have today has transformed into the man that I personally would want him to be. Not that I don’t like him before but I feel like this image suits him best – sexy, mysterious, hot.
There is one thing that I realized in these pictures: Even the best can do better. There is always a room for improvement. Like Si Won, we always have to look for that spot in our lives which we should innovate, or change. Life isn’t that cruel to not allow us to do so. ^^

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