Friday, September 25, 2009

Kyuhyun: Maknae No More

It’s so nice to see our magnae Cho Kyu Hyun all grown up now. He’s 21 and he’s flaunting it. He’s a boy no more. ^^
Now try to think of this:
Getting old is inevitable.  But it all depends on how you carry yourself. If you know how to look young and feel young, aging won’t definitely be a problem to you as it is to others.
And take note of this: Getting old is VERY MUCH different from maturing. Just like Kyu Hyun, we all have to mature. We all have to grow up.
These are official photos of Super Junior M. I wonder what Kyu Hyun thought of when he was doing this photoshoot. Maybe he’s being amazed with himself too. ^^

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