Friday, September 25, 2009

Sungmin: Her Perfect Type of Guy

When I saw this picture, I was really like: IS THIS REALLY SUNGMIN!? But as I stare at it on his CyWorld page (Yeah, I got it from there too), I realized that indeed, it is him. haha.
This picture gave me a chocolate syndrome attack. And I would like to direct this post to my friend who really loves Sung Min. ^^
Regene and I have been together since third year college. And after a year, she became a sister to me. Though others think our personalities crash, we have proven them wrong. :)
When it comes to just anything, Rhedj would be my best buddy. Haha. We can talk about anything. As in anything. No matter how serious our conversation is, we would always end up laughing. We would just enjoy.
And through this picture, I just want to tell her how much I appreciate everything she does for me. I am not used to being this sweet to this child. (This is actually the first time that I’ll be writing for her.) But nevertheless, I would want her to know that I love her so, because as I long for a younger sister, I found her. :)
This picture isn’t enough. But I hope that seeing Sung Min the way you’ve always wanted to will somehow compensate for everything. ^^  Let’s continue loving Super Junior. Let’s continue loving each other ^^
Right now, I’m smiling… I’m pretty certain that she’ll be slapping me tomorrow for this. hahahaha!
**REGENE, o ayan, bruha ka. hahahaha. ayan na yung picture na sinasabi kong antabayanan mo. hahahaha! I know you’re gonna love this.**

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