Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Promise to Super Junior

It was like a year ago when I accidentally clicked on a video of Charice Pempengco and Cho Kyu Hyun in YouTube. They were singing A Whole New World, and in the video are insets of news clips featuring an accident.
It was that horrifying car crash incident that put the lives of Lee Teuk oppa, Shin Dong-oppa, Eun Hyuk-oppa and Kyu Hyun-oppa in danger. It was the accident that almost took Kyu Hyun-oppa’s and Teukkie-oppa’s lives away.
I didn’t know these information when I watched the video. All I knew then was that it was Kyu Hyun’s comeback. And that I was touched.
It wasn’t everyday that I see men crying. It wasn’t everyday that I am touched seeing brothers caring for brothers. It wasn’t everyday that I get hooked with singers who sing songs I barely understand.
It wasn’t everyday that I get to see Super Junior that way.
And yeah, that’s what I thought. and that’s when I started loving them.
In my past entries, I have already discussed why I adore these guys. And by joining ELF Philippines, I have actually committed myself to supporting them as long as I can.
And that is my promise. Because it’s the lone thing I can do to give back all their efforts and love. :)

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