Friday, September 25, 2009

A Definitely Happy Sungmin

This is Sung Min’s primary picture in his CyWorld account. And I, again, would just want to share it with you. ^^
The calm ocean. The bright day. The happy SungMin.
I wonder how he manages to do everything so well. I mean, we all know how busy Super Junior is. I have shown you his very tired image on a Neorago performance in my video section. But still, I have to say that at the moment, I believe that among the members, Sung Min is the happiest.
I am not saying that the others aren’t happy with where and who they are. My point is I cannot help but admit that seeing Sung Min enjoying life is definitely contagious. Really. This picture and all others affect me.
One thing: Sung Min has the power to make other people happy. (And so are the rest of the members.) His smile makes me feel like all I have to do is to enjoy life to be happy.
Stare at Sung Min’s picture for a while and get ready to smile. ^^

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